Man's denim shirt

Man's denim shirt

Label:JACK SOUTH (London)

Color:6 ( Grey....Navy...Blue...Sky.....White ....Pink)



Oz :4.5

Quantity:1,73.640 Pcs


Product image: Attached file

Condition:Intact Han-tag 1/1 poly with carton

Condition : Super intact 1 by 1 poly master CTN, Ready to shipment

Product location:Factory

количество: 173640

Минимальное количество для заказа: 50000

Availability: In stock

2,21 €

Seller information

транзакции M* J******* A*** R****
Street D****
Zip Code 1****
Город D****
Страна BD
Компания A* B******* Z***
Phone +*************

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Additional Information
Страна No
Product status No
Бренд No