Bazar trucks / mix pallet / truck

Bazar trucks / mix pallet / truck

We retrieve the unsold products from french destocking stores, and we are selling them by truck without listing, at 5% of their destocking prices.
33 pallets by truck, with lots of kind of products : bazar, decoration, DPH, hightech, clothes, shoes ... (except food and alcohol).
The truck is between 3 000€ and 6 000€ it depends on the value in destock's stores.

You can find us on :

количество: 20

Минимальное количество для заказа: 1

Availability: In stock

3 000,00 €

Seller information

транзакции V***** B******
Street R** d* c********
Zip Code 5****
Город S**** B********
Страна FR
Компания F*****-********
Phone 0* 4* 7* 8* 6*

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