Printed Fabric Poly/cotton Ready container in Mills

Printed Fabric Poly/cotton Ready container in Mills

Hi Friend,

We have T-144 76x66/30x30 poly/cotton 117 GSM 250 CM printed A-Grade without any quality issues just buyer unable to arrange payment due funds problems. He requested to sale with any other customer.

Positive points are:
Excellent ready quality Fabric
17 Designs in 1x20ft container
Peak season if buy now it will arrive within 55-60 days to your port

we sold it at 1.28 / Mtr FOB Net please arrange target/Bid price so we can sale it to your esteemed company

Packing: Double Poly bag

数量: 49300

最低発注数量: 6000

Availability: 在庫あり


Seller information

名前 New Design Change" M******* N*****
Street 7 c**** r*** s***** p*** s******* r***
Zip Code 3****
Eメール r************@*****.***
会社 R***** t** I************
Phone 0*************

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