Bjorn Borg Underwear / Bra

Bjorn Borg Underwear / Bra

Mix Stock Bjorn Borg Bra's.

In the mix you can find Bra's , Sport Bra's, Singlets, Soft Bra's and more.
More than 100 Styles. Sizebreak is good.

List can be send on request.

Price is for take all.

cantidad: 4033

Cantidad Mínima de Pedido: 100

Disponibilidad: En existencia

6,50 €

Seller information

Nombre G*** J******
Street M******** 1*
Zip Code 2*****
Ciudad A***** a** d** R***
País NL
Correo electrónico g***@******.**
Compañía L***** B*
Phone 0************

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