Duracell powermat charger

Duracell powermat charger

This Is What Currently Available

New And In Beautiful Retail Boxes With Duracell Warranty Inside

53,000 Duracell Power Mats

85,000 Duracell Power On Go Portable Carry Around Chargers

Both Of These Units Charge All Samsung S7 & S6 Models

Above Samsung Wireless Charger Sells For $28 + Shipping
Wal Mart With List Price Of $99

Part Numbers And Quantities Below

Duracell Power Mat (Black) Qty 107,376 
Model # 84878183 UPC 041333014210

Duracell Power Mat (White)

45,701 Pieces

Model # 84878184

Menge: 300000

Mindestbestellmenge: 10000

Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager

3,00 €

Seller information

Name Z**** H******
Street 3 s******** T******
Zip Code B** 4**
Ort B*******
Land NL
Firma M*********
Phone 0**********

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