Stocklots Garment Apparel Clothes

Stocklots Garment Apparel Clothes

We are an experienced company that has been doing all sort of stocklots garment and textile trading nearly 20 years. Over the years, we conducted buying/selling transactions to help us in understanding different market/seasons needs, providing detailed information for our clients.

Garment: Majority adult range.
Items can include: T-shirts, Shirts, Blouse, Dress, Sweater, Pants, Jeans, Bermuda, pajamas, all seasons clothing etc.

数量: 1000

最小订单数量: 300

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名称 O*** T**
Street 5*/** B**** S*****
城市 P**** P***
国家 KH
公司 X****** T****** C*. L**.
Phone +************

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