NIKOS stock mix

NIKOS stock mix

We offer a stock package of approx. 500 pieces NIKOS underwear and clothing, jewelery and accessories. NIKOS is a luxury brand since 1984 specialized in fine underwear for men. Please be informed that we sell the package only in one part.

In detail:

underwear, swimwear, jackets, shorts, shirts, trousers, bathrobes, travel bags, beauty bags, jewelery,

数量: 500

最小订单数量: 500

Availability: 有库存

€ 13.00

Seller information

名称 C********** S*********
Street B*********** W** 8
Zip Code 6****
城市 F******** a* M***
国家 DE
电邮 s*********@***.**
Phone +** 6* 7*******

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